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What is a Pterygium?

Pterygium is a wedge-shaped fibrovascular growth of conjunctiva (the surface tissue of the white of the eye).  In extreme cases, pterygium may grow onto the eye’s cornea and interfere with vision.

What causes Pterygium to form?

Pterygium is more common in sunny climates and in the 20-40 age groups.  Scientists do not know what causes pterygium to develop.  However, since people who have pterygium usually have spent a significant time outdoors, many doctors believe ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun may be a factor.

What are the signs and symptoms of Pterygium?

Some people with pterygium may not experience any symptoms.  Others may cause redness, swelling, irritation, dryness, itching, and burning sensation.  Some may become large and thick which may interfere with vision and because a pterygium can stretch and distort the cornea, some people acquire astigmatism.

What is the treatment for Pterygium?

In many cases, no treatment is needed.  When pterygium becomes red and irritated, your ophthalmologist may prescribe eye drops or ointments to reduce the swelling and redness.  If the pterygium grows large enough to affect the sight and causes discomfort, it can be removed through a simple, outpatient surgery.  If the growth is surgically removed, it may grow back.  To prevent the recurrence of pterygium after the surgery, one method your doctor may suggest is the implantation of amniotic membrane graft.

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