Charles D. Fritch MD,
FACS, is a renowned
ophthalmologist, founder
of Fritch Eye Care Medical
Center, and Medical
Director of a fully equipped
Ambulatory Center.

Fritch Eye Care Medical Center
8501 Brimhall Road, Suite 401 & 402
Bakersfield, CA 93312
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Bakersfield's Location for Premier Eye Wear

We carry an extensive range of fashionable and designer eye frames.

Soft Contact Lens

We fit all brands of contact lenses including variety of colored contacts, single-visions, multi-focals, and Toric contact lenses. When it comes to correcting astigmatism, a Toric checks out best for you!

Toric Lenses
Your astigmatic eyes are a little out of shape.

So you have astigmatism. What does that mean? Actually, the explanation is simple. In normal eyes, the front of the eye (cornea) is perfectly round - like a basketball. In the astigmatic eye, the cornea is oval - like a football. This oval shape prevents light from correctly focusing on the retina. The result is a distortion of blurring of images. Therefore, you need a corrective lens that's designed specially to treat your astigmatism.

Glasses aren’t your only choice for correcting astigmatism.  Lasik Surgery as well as Toric soft contact lenses are a superior alternative because they feature a unique design that’s customized to your vision correction needs.  You’ll benefit from crystal clear vision along with all the advantages of lasik procedure or a soft contact lens.

Transition™ (Photochromatic)

Now, more than ever, you need versatility, comfort and good looks from the products you buy - and that includes your prescription eyewear. The Transitions Lenses family of products offers the comfort of lightweight , light-sensitive changing tint and other comfort and performance features that provide the things you want most from your eyewear.  Eyeglasses wearers are realizing they have a choice in lens materials and features. And today, they're looking to Transitions Lenses to meet their eyecare needs.

This page will give you an overview of these exciting lens products so that you can be more informed about - and more comfortable with - your lens purchase decisions.

New Darker, Faster-Changing Transitions Lenses.
These new Transitions Lenses are perfect for anyone looking for the latest lens technology.  This new-generation Transitions Lenses product is specially designed to help your eyes look and feel better all day long.

Availabe in a wide range of prescriptions, designs and lens styles, Transitions Lenses offer you comfort, performance and value.   These functional and proven lenses offer you a choice you can be comfortable with in single-vision lenses, bifocals, trifocals, and no line-bifocals.  Availabe in transitions gray and transitions brown lenses.

  • Comfortable lightweight plastic
  • Light-sensitive changing tint
  • Built-in scratch protection
  • Ultraviolet protection

*Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc.

Anti-Reflective (Non-Glare) Coating

We offer special anti-reflective coatings for spectacle lenses, much like those used for camera lenses. Vision is enhanced with A/R coated lenses, because conventional lens materials only transmit approximately 91% of light. With an A/R coated lens, 8% more light is transmitted and annoying reflections are eliminated. These coating are particularly effective for reducing eye fatigue for computer operators and anyone driving at night. And of course, A/R lenses enhance appearance by removing all distracting reflections. Special care and cleaning must be used with A/R coated lens.

Progressive No-line Bi-focal

Demand visual freedom - and youthful style

Today presbyopia is more treatable than ever. There is no reason to suffer from poor vision-or to settle for cumbersome, old-fashioned solution. Whether you have always worn glasses or are just starting, technologically advanced   progressive lenses are the completely natural way to meet your changing vision needs, enabling you to see near, far and everything in between.

First-time presbyopes
 Progressive  lenses' state-of-the-art technology brings you closest to your natural, pre-presbyopic vision.

Reading glasses wearers
Progressive  lenses accommodate your prescriptions for near-, intermediate - and far-rang vision, so you can switch activities without switching glasses.

Bifocal and trifocal wearers
Progressive  lenses offer the convenience of a single pair of glasses-with a smooth transition between viewing points.  No annoying image jumps. No distracting lines.

A clear field of vision » Take notes while view a presentation.
» Read a magazine while watching television.
» Switch seamlessly from computer work to other activities.
Immediate visual correction-even
while in motion
»Play active sports such as tennis or bicycling.
» View both dashboard and traffic eith ease and comfort.
True peripheral vision » Be more aware of your surroundings.
» See cars entering from side streets. » Recognize the audience while making a presentation.
Ease of wear » Feel natural from the moment you put on Varilux lenses.
» Stop switching back and forth between glasses.
Lens materials to suit every liftstyle » Enhance your appearance.
» Enjoy thinness and transparency, and absolutely no glare, with durability and safety you need.

It's your right to have the best

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The physicians of Fritch Eye Care Center specialize in treating Bakersfield laser eye surgery, glaucoma, and cataracts patients. Using cutting-edge technology in their state-of-the-art medical facilities, these Drs. are considered to be specialists in their field.

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